A sad announcement...

Dear readers and contributors,

You may have noticed that all I've posted lately are photos. I think it's time to tell you that UNDER MY BED is taking a break - but don't fear! We'll be back (hopefully sometime soon), better than ever. I'm working on managing things a little differently, so you can expect to see some changes when we return.

I'm still looking for submissions to go up when we re-launch, so send whatever you'd like to undermybedonline@gmail.com. I'd also like to open interviews up to everyone so we can have a whole bunch in the future. If there's an artist, photographer, or any other creative person who you want to know more about, e-mail me and we'll talk about it.

Remember that you can click the links on the right hand side to see old artwork, read old interviews, etc. Don't forget about us!

Talk to you all soon,


Anonymous said...

i think that it's def for the best.

Stephanie said...

So do I. A lot of changes need to be made and I'm excited to make them.

John Taylor said...

That's so sad, but these changes are necessary and need to be excited to make them.

Helena said...

Cool photo!